Heading Tragedies and Natural Disasters

9 Compelling Reasons Why Christ Is Coming Soon

1.  Israel's rebirth as a nation:

As Jesus prophesied, the Jews were scattered during the Jewish-Roman war of 70 A.D.  (Luke 21:24).  Jesus also prophesied that the nation of Israel was to be reborn or declared a nation before He returned & that the generation that saw it would see His return.  On May 14, 1948, Israel was reborn.  Luke 21 states that when you see Jerusalem surrounded about by armies, look up, for Christ is coming to rapture His church.  With the war going on now and so many nations seeking Israel’s destruction, how close are we to this realization?

2.  Plummeting morality:

There has been a shocking breakdown in morality since the mid-century.  Watch any daytime talk show or evening program for that matter and see how homosexuality is being promoted as well as promiscuity.  A president, who is an adulterer and liar still received high approval ratings and was kept in office, despite the fact that he had broken the law he is charged with upholding.  Pornography is available to even children at a click of a mouse.  The divorce rate has skyrocketed as a result of technological immorality, adultery and porn.  The bible states that if you even look with lust at someone, you are committing adultery in your heart and Jesus stated that adulterers will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

3.  Famines, pestilence and ethnic wars:

Jesus prophesied  in Matthew 24:6-8 that just before He returned, the world would see increased famines, incurable diseases such as aids, increased violence, hate crimes and ethnic wars.  One of six people on earth suffer from hunger.  Violence and aids are epidemic and 79 of 82 wars since 1990 have been civil or ethnic.  The bible states that if you even hate someone, you are guilty of murder in your heart and murders will not enter the kingdom of heaven and this is God’s standard. 


4.  Earthquakes increase:

Jesus prophesied that like birth pangs, earthquakes would increase and become closer together before He returned.  Let's take a look at historical facts.  From 1880 until Israel was reborn, there have been only 2.3 earthquakes per decade above 6.0 on the Richter scale.  In the 1950's there were 9, in the 1960's there were 13, in the 1970's there were 51, in the 1980's there were 86.  There have already been over 100 in the 1990's with tens of thousands dead, some as a result of the tsunami's resulting from the earthquakes, as prophesied in Matthew 24:7. 

5.  Explosion in travel and education:

Other prophesied conditions before Jesus returned came 2,500 years ago when Daniel prophesied that travel and education shall be vastly increased (Daniel 12:4).  Since mid-century there has been a vast increase in ground, air and space travel.  Education has seen cloning, transplants, advances in medical procedures and science.  Computer technology is everywhere and ever increasing.  Who can keep up with all the latest technological advances.

6.  Counterfeit Christianity, spirituality and religion:

Counterfeit Christianity is everywhere.  The difference between true Christianity and the occult is that in true Christianity we are to be led and controlled by the Holy Spirit and we will confess the word of God as led by the Holy Spirit to do so.  This is initiated by God not man.  Counterfeit Christianity, with their false Christs, lead and control the spirit realm by praying back God's word "because He watches over it to perform it".  This is initiated by man, not God.  That is witchcraft 101 and we have churches all over, today, calling themselves Christian while practicing the occult because they are deceived, as the devil or a spirit of divination has twisted scripture to them.  God has become nothing more than a vending machine genie that performs and jumps to their spells or incantations, which are scripture promises quoted out of context.  With their positive or negative confession theology they believe they have the ability to create their own reality by what they confess.  My God is bigger than my mouth.  Their god with a little “g” is all about them and their abilities to get God to do their bidding.  It all sounds very Christian, but it is witchcraft.  We are to be led and controlled by the Holy Spirit.  We do not lead and control the spirit realm.  People fall away when they find it doesn’t work or they are accused of not having faith, etc. if they don’t get what they want because they have forgotten about God’s sovernty.  It is always about them and their ability to have faith, confess scripture, etc. not God.  These are seducing spirits and doctrines of demons that the bible talks about entering the church in end times.  The bible calls witchcraft an abomination to God and those that practice it will not enter the kingdom of heaven and those that teach it will have the greater damnation.  There is an explosion in psychic phenomena, spiritism, satanism, witchcraft, nature worship and the New Age Movement appearing even in our children's shows and school books evangelizing them from the crib to the religion of the New World Order of the Antichrist (1 Timothy 4:1).

7.  The New World Order:

There has been an increased move to have a centralization of financial and political power with a world banking system.  Europe has already printed global money with a woman riding on a beast as the book of Revelations foretold.  One of our late Presidents stated that the only way Americans would go for this would be if there were a global financial crisis as is happening now.    This global crisis will cause  banking to be done by a computer chip in the hand or forehead of everyone and banking transactions will be performed by a huge computer in Europe already named "The Beast".   You will not be able to buy or sell without having the mark of the beast. On Nov. 14, 2008, world leaders met in Washington to discuss the global financial crisis and the consensus was to go to a global banking system.  In April, 2009 world leaders met to solidify the details.  On February 28, 2002, a company in Florida petitioned the government for approval of their "Verichip" for use in humans.  This rice size chip, implanted under the skin of your hand or forehead will contain all your personal information and has the ability to conduct banking transactions by merely being scanned.   If you receive this mark, you will never be able to go to heaven.  This New World Order will be headed by the Antichrist who is the incarnation of satan himself, and will deceive most of the world by bringing financial stability to a global financial crisis.  He will be seen as a rescuer or peacemaker.. The stage is being set and we are in end times.  (Daniel 7-12, Matthew 24:15, Revelation 13)

8.  Increase in faith and people falling away:

The bible says that in the last days there shall come a falling away of people from the faith.  They shall have a form of godliness, but they will deny the power thereof.  (2 Timothy 3:5)  Many churches today deny the power, miracles and gifts of the spirit as they practice meaningless rituals and say repetitive prayers.  They go to church to hear what they want to hear and not what they should hear.  They do not want to hear about repentance and purity or have their sins confronted.  They want their ears tickled.  On the other hand, there will be an increase in faith, miracles and an outpouring of God's Spirit as millions worldwide come to true faith in Jesus Christ in record numbers.  This will only come about when true repentance and the confronting of sins takes place and the reality of hell becomes real.

9.  Interest in the Angelic:

There are shows on TV, songs written, jewelry and angelic items for sale every where. We have had false revivals in Florida with supernatural manifestations and angelic visitations that have been endorsed by Christian leaders in 2008.  This is satan appearing as an angel of light deceiving even Christians.  Not everything supernatural is of God.  Satan counterfeits what God does and if the real were not of any value, he wouldn't counterfeit it.  We must discern good from evil.  Let me also educate you on the Hebrew word for angel.  It simply means messenger and John the Baptist was called an angel and he was born of a woman.  If you are looking for invisible, white, winged beings to announce Christ's return, you could miss God.  I am not saying there isn't any such thing as angelic spiritual beings.  I am saying that not all messengers are spirits.  Some are human.

The bible also states that in end times there will be scoffers and mockers or those who will say, "They said and believed that back in New Testament times".  Back in biblical times, though, these nine prophecies, as well as others, had not been fulfilled.  They have been today!  Make sure you are not counted among the scoffers and mockers.  The bible states that in end times people will be willfully ignorant or stupid on purpose!  If you have a demonic stronghold or false belief that you hang on to when Jesus tries to pull it down with the truth to set you free, then you are willfully ignorant or stupid on purpose and not meek and teachable.  Your eternity depends on allowing Jesus to pull down your strongholds of false beliefs with the Truth.  The Truth is who Jesus is, not what He does and to reject the truth that Jesus is faithful to provide you with, you are rejecting Him because your pride causes you to be willfully ignorant or choosing to be stupid.  In order to choose it, it has to be presented to you and you have to reject it.  Jesus said, “If you don’t allow me to wash you, you have no part with me.”  He washes us with the truth or water of the word.  You are choosing to be ignorant and you couldn’t be placed in a position of having to make a decision about it if Jesus wasn’t faithfully trying to set to set you free with the truth.  Make sure you are prepared for the rapture and not left behind and forced to make a choice between taking the "Mark of the Beast" and going to hell, or being beheaded for choosing Christ too late!  Either way, you will be dying soon.  Your choice will determine where you spend eternity!

What must you do to be saved?  The bible states that you must be BORN AGAIN!  You must repent of your sins and believe that Jesus paid the penalty for your sins on the cross and He alone bore God's judgment for your sins because the bible says that everyone has fallen short and sinned and no one is good enough to enter the kingdom of heaven by being "good".  Most people believe that they are a good person and will go to heaven when they die but if judged by God’s standard, they wouldn’t.  Have you lied?  The bible states that liars will not enter the kingdom of heaven and have their place in the lake of fire.  Have you committed adultery?  The bible states that if you even look at a person and lust, you have committed adultery in your heart and adulterers do not enter the kingdom of heaven.  Have you stolen anything?  Thieves do not enter the kingdom of heaven either.  If you have a false image of God that isn’t true or you have created a God in your mind that is not scriptural, that is called idolatry and idolaters do not enter the kingdom of heaven.  Have you taken the Lord’s name in vain?  That is called blaspheme and blasphemers do not enter the kingdom of heaven.  So, by God’s standards, if He were to judge you, would you go to heaven or hell or do you need a savior that already paid the penalty for your sins?  Committed murder?  The bible states that if you hate someone, you have committed murder in your heart.  Jesus said that He was the only way to heaven and no one entered except by Him.  He alone took God’s wrath for your sin and paid the price so that you can enter the kingdom of heaven.  Grace is not a license to sin but the power now given to you not to sin, which you didn’t have before accepting Christ.  Now, after accepting Christ, you are no longer a slave to sin, but free to choose not to sin because the power and presence of God now lives within you.  Whom the Son sets free, you are free indeed.  If you believe this, repent and turn from your sin and confess it with your mouth and ask Jesus to come and live in you as you turn your life over to Him.  Find a good bible believing church and read your bible daily so you can grow spiritually.  Water baptism and baptism in the Holy Spirit are an important part of your salvation after accepting Christ.  Grace is not the licence to sin.  It is the power of God given to you not to sin and when you accept Christ, He lives in you and gives you that power.  Have a personal relationship with Jesus and learn of Him.  He alone loves you enough to die for you!

Not all who claim to be Christians actually are!  There is a big difference between head knowledge and believing something in your heart.   Even satan believes in Jesus and what He did on the cross!  Will you be left behind at the rapture?

If you are performing for, paying for or obtaining God's favor by your works instead of through the finished work of the cross, you are an unbeliever, not a believer.  Jesus purchased God's acceptance, forgiveness and favor in the Father's sight by His sacrifice on the cross.  It is not "Jesus' blood plus your money, works, etc."  In trying to purchase with your money, performance and works what Jesus already purchased with His blood, you are proclaiming that Jesus' blood and sacrifice were not sufficient to meet the need and you are therefore an unbeliever, not a believer.  Your good works must flow out of a loving, thankful heart for what God has done for you, not out of unbelief.  If you obtain your love and acceptance from God based on your works, you will not be loving and accepting of others unless they perform as well.   Likewise, if you freely receive God's love, forgiveness and acceptance based on the fact that Jesus purchased these things for you freely, then you will love and accept others freely as well.  Freely you have received, freely you give.  That is the heart of the believer and by their fruits you will know them.  Jesus commanded us to try the fruit and to do so is not judging.   Don't let your heart deceive you in this midnight hour!  Jesus is seeking the lost sheep.  Are you one of them?

Jesus washes us in the water of the word to cleanse us.  As Jesus said to Peter as He knelt to wash Peter's feet, "If you don't allow me to wash you, you have no part with me!"  Jesus is coming for a Glorious Church, Without Spot or Wrinkle!