Preparing The Bride Now


Beautician To The Bride 

On this site please find relevant teaching that the Lord has revealed regarding restoring His church and preparing His bride.  There are strongholds or false teaching in the church that He wishes to pull down with the Truth, which is who He is.  I pray that you will go before the Lord with an open and contrite heart and prayerfully consider what He is trying to say, even if it conflicts with what you have been taught.  Ask Him for the Truth only and He will confirm it as you study and seek this out yourself.   Please read all of the material for balance.   As a teacher, leader and head in the church, the Lord will hold us all more accountable and judge us more harshly, especially if He is trying to wake His bride and prepare her for His soon return.  We will all be accountable to the Lord for what we do with any Truth He brings and to reject the Truth is to reject Him.  Please read and study the material with a humble and contrite heart.  Perry Stone also has a CD series on The Book of Remembrance which I would recommend purchasing in addition to the enclosed.  As he teaches, you can have your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life and not have it in the Book of Remembrance and those in the Book of Remembrance go in the rapture because they will be the wise virgins that enter into the marriage supper of the Lamb.  There are several books in heaven such as the book of the living, and those who were born on earth have their names in that book.  Then there is the Lamb’s Book of Life and those whose names are written in there are born again.   You can have your name removed from the Lamb’s Book of Life as Rev. 3 states and the once saved, always saved doctrine is not scriptural and it is based on half a sentence.  If you are in Jesus’ hand where you cannot be plucked out, it is because you are In Him, but saying a little prayer or asking Jesus into your heart does not make one “In Him or In Christ Jesus”.  You can’t even find in the bible where people got saved by asking Jesus into their heart, yet we tell people all that time that is what they need to do and we pronounce them eternally secure and we will be held accountable for their eternal destiny for that lie.  Those whose names were not found in the Lamb’s Book of Life will have their part in the lake of fire.  The Book of Remembrance are the Lord’s jewels that make up His crown.  These are those that fear Him, keep His commandments, do His work and speak of Him in their daily life.  Scripture also teaches that if we fall away, He will not remember our good works or righteousness anymore so the big eraser can come out for that book as well.

Much of what the church has been taught is not accurate and we are not seeing the signs, wonders and miracles as a result.  The miracles confirm the message and if the message is not accurate, the Lord will not confirm it and He wants to pour out His spirit in these last days before His return with signs, wonders and miracles for that end time harvest so please prayerfully consider what He is saying so you can be included in this wonderful event.  As you study, please keep these things in mind:

  1. Grace is not the license to sin, but the power of God given to us not to sin by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. 
    Grace means, “I will supply you with what is needed”.  You don’t earn it.  He supplies it.  This empowerment comes in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit which was not available until Christ’s death and resurrection.
  2. Jesus didn’t do away with the law.  He fulfilled it by taking our punishment for our sins and washing away our past sins and empowering us to not sin in the future.  The bible states that what Jesus came to save us from was sin.  Water Baptism washes
    away the past sins and is our first act of obedience to Jesus as Lord and baptism in the Holy Spirit empowers us not to sin in the future and this is how the law was fulfilled and was never available prior to Christs’ death, resurrection and sending of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  This is why Jesus cried, “It is finished” when He died on the cross.  All that was done about sin and its consequences had been fulfilled as was the requirement of the law to judge and punish sin.  Bothwater baptism after confession and repentance and baptism in the Holy Spirit are a requirement to salvation as Jesus stated, you must be born of water and of the spirit to enter into the Kingdom of heaven.  Saying a little prayer does not get one “born again”. The Holy Spirit is Holy and will not come to live in someone who has no desire to be Holy.  Water baptism was a part of the evangelical message to enter into the kingdom of heaven as evidenced by Phillip witnessing to the Eunuch. The Eunuch asked Phillip what was preventing him from being water baptized and Phillip told him “nothing” and he was immediately water baptized in the river, so water baptism had to be explained to him in the salvation message.  Water baptism should be immediate, not a casual once or twice a year celebration we perform as a ritual.  It is essential to salvation and Baptism in the Holy Spirit.   Jesus was water baptized before He was baptized in the Holy Spirit and did this as an example to us, so why do we think we should minimize or change the pattern or significance of these two baptisms.  Jesus’ ministry did not start until he had been baptized in this way and He performed no miracles prior to this, yet we ask people to minister or be an overcomer without meeting these requirements.  I have heard people preach that “born of water meant child birth and coming from a water filled sack.  Since water baptism and baptism in the Holy Spirit are two requirements to being born again and foundational teachings in the church, of course the devil will introduce false teaching on these two topics as well as on confession and repentance.
  3. Repentance is absolutely necessary to access anything from the Lord and when John the Baptist baptized, they came confessing their sins and demanding what they needed to do to show they were repentant. Confession and repentance is absolutely necessary for salvation and the remission of sins and that repentant attitude must remain in our relationship and walk with Christ.  As Jesus said, “If you don’t allow Me to wash you, you have no part with Me”.   If you were water baptized without being repentant, all you got was wet.
  4. We are not the bride of Christ yet.  We are only virgins who have accepted Jesus’ proposal to marry Him and not all virgins were wise.  All were asleep, but not all entered in to the marriage feast.  When the bible states that we are sealed with the spirit, this means that a deposit has been made or placed upon us with the intent to purchase, like you would put a deposit on the purchase of a house or give an engagement ring to the one you are espoused to.  Seals can be broken and deposits can be returned if the requirements of the deal fall through and this is why the foolish virgins left to go search for more oil.  They lost their deposit of the Holy Spirit.  In Jewish culture, a man had to break his engagement to his espoused soon to be bride through a judgment or legal process if she was unfaithful prior to marriage.  Joseph was seeking to do this with Mary when he found out she was pregnant with Jesus. Judgment can take place to those who accepted Jesus marriage proposal if they are found unfaithful of not holding up their end of the deal and the deposit of the Holy Spirit is removed, thus locking foolish virgins out as they sought more “deposit” or oil or the seal. Jesus counts you as righteous as long as you are making the trip, but if you willfully sin and continue to do so despite the conviction and reproof of the spirit, you can be cut off.
  5. Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE and we must know Him as all three.  He is the only way to God the Father and heaven.  He is also The Truth that washes us in the water of the word so that we can be Without Spot Or Wrinkle.  We don’t give our life to Christ, we get our life from Christ and this life or empowerment is the light of men.  Satan has twisted everything.
  6. We are the apostate church that is always learning but never able to come into the knowledge of the truth
    as the bible states will happen in end times.  We have fallen away from the teaching of the Acts gospel little by little, one step at a time so as not to seem that you have moved at all.  Sort of like the frog in the pot of water that went from lukewarm to boiling until he was cooked without him noticing it until it was too late.  We are the church that has fallen away from the truth, which is what the Lord is trying to restore and He is trying to enlist you to teach this truth and prepare His bride for His soon return and reap an end time harvest.
  7. What does it mean to be “In Him” where there is no condemnation?  There is a teaching enclosed on that and it is not what the church has taught, but what the bible teaches.  The church teaches this based on half a sentence out of Romans and is an incomplete thought because those who are in Christ Jesus or In Him will not walk according to the flesh or fulfill the lusts thereof.  Condemnation or judgment does come upon those who willfully sin after knowing Christ and being empowered not to sin.  Hebrews 10 states that and the bible states that judgment starts in the house of the Lord or church and that is why in the book of Revelations, the churches are judged before the Lord judges the world and God’s wrath is poured out.  The bible also states that Jesus will gather out of His kingdom all who offend and all workers of iniquity and this He will do before He returns.  This grace being a license to sin or all your past, present and future sins are covered under the blood and you can do as you like and still get in is a damnable heresy and not scriptural and that is why sin runs rampant in the church and there are many in our pews going to hell and we will be accountable to the Lord for them being there.  They believed a lie we taught.
  8. What is a stronghold and do we have them in the church?  The biblical definition of stronghold is “A fortress of wrong thinking, beliefs, reasonings, concepts or arguments that we have from our beginning”.  This allows us to remain in the sin and deception we are in so that we will not change or accept THE TRUTH, Jesus, and we persecute the person Jesus speaks through”.  Is it possible to have Jesus the Messiah stand right in front of you and you miss the hour of your visitation because you have a wrong teaching, belief, concept, reasoning or argument that doesn’t fit your image of Christ and what you were taught?  Ask the Pharisees?  He didn’t look or come according to the false image they had of Him based on their false beliefs of Him, and they knew the word of God inside and out, and thus they rejected Him and missed the hour of their visitation.  We are all just as vulnerable and we can also miss the hour of our visitation which is now upon us.  Jesus pulls down these strongholds with the Truth, which is who He is, not what He does.  A stronghold is a fortress of wrong thinking that is impenetrable, strongly defended and doesn’t allow anyone in that doesn’t have the same belief system and they persecute them and try to silence them.  I pray that we will allow Jesus to pull down our strongholds of false beliefs that we have had since ourbeginnings in order to see Him and what He has done clearly and not miss the hour of our visitation.  These are wonderful times we live in.  Allow Him to include you in His work in building the Kingdom and prepare His bride.
  9. The Kingdom of Heaven is a kingdom where Jesus is King.  Jesus commanded us to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God not the gospel of salvation.  If you are not submitted to the king, Jesus, you don’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven, plain and simple.  Another way to put it is, “Jesus isn’t savior if He isn’t Lord” and why do we call Him Lord, Lord and not do what He says!  This is not legalism.  The freedom that we have in Christ is that we are no longer a slave to sin because we are now empowered not to sin and thus, we have been saved from it and its consequences.
  10. I went to see a speaker last night at church who proclaimed that anything negative that we speak is a curse and witch craft.  This morning the Lord asked me these questions:  When Aninias and Saphira lied to the Holy Spirit about how much they sold their possessions for and Peter told them they would be carried out dead, was it witch craft or the Holy Spirit talking through Peter?  Are we blaspheming the Holy Spirit when we proclaim that what He does is of the devil?  Is God bigger than my mouth?  What are the consequences of blaspheming the Holy Spirit or attributing what He does to the devil?  We have a false teaching that prophecy in the New Testament is only feel good kind of stuff and this does not line up with scripture.  John the Baptist called people vipers and brood of vipers yet the bible said he came exhorting and prophesying.  Exhorting them to repent or there would be a price to pay is what he did and he openly exposed sin to bring them to repentance out of love so that they would no longer be a slave to sin.  Maybe our definition of exhortation is not accurate.

Again, read all the material.  I give out as He gives me and remember, the Lord takes the simple, meek and despised things of the world to confound the wise for His glory so don’t be surprised if this comes from someone not having mega degrees and I caution you to take your eyes off man and put them squarely on the Lord.

Jesus said that He will not return until the Son of Perdition be revealed.  In this “once saved always saved” church theology we have that is false, revealing that someone can have their name removed from the Lamb’s Book of Life” and be locked out of the marriage feast because they were a foolish son or daughter of God that went into perdition, is revealing that we can be sons of perdition as this truth is being revealed. Judas was called this and he is not the anti-Christ although I am not saying the anti-christ is not also a son of perdition.  The word “Son” means mature child of God.  Perdition means one who is lost eternally. We need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.   As the “son of perdition” is being revealed, Jesus’ return in imminent so join me in waking and preparing a Bride Without Spot or Wrinkle.