Your Value and Worth In The Eyes of God The Father

Heading Your Value in the Eyes of God

The price paid for an object establishes its value. In fact, every buyer subjectively attributes worth to his or her purchases, and the purchase price reveals the buyer’s personal opinion regarding the value of that purchase. For some incomprehensibly gracious reason, and despite the fact that we are all hopelessly bruised by sin, God chose to make of us something infinitely more wonderful, His sons and daughters and His dwelling place, in order to change us into His likeness. He doesn’t just declare us righteous, but He makes us righteous as well. And what is the purchase price God paid to accomplish his goal? “The precious blood of Jesus, His Son.” Yes, I know it sounds impossibly grandiose to say it, but by the price he paid, God has openly established our worth. For when it came to our purchase price, God was more concerned about what He “redeemed” or purchased than what He spent.Man has been seeking to fill that empty void within himself that only God can fill. Man has been seeking to find his value and worth in other things, such as job, title, status, material gain, looks, family members, relationships, etc. Only Jesus can give you what you are hungering and thirsting for inside. Like Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well who was seeking value, worth and acceptance from men, “I am what you are hungering and thirsting for.” Come unto me saith the Lord and I will in no wise cast you out. I am that source of life that you are seeking. You won’t find it in any other thing because I created the void and only I can fill it.

Jesus paid the same price for every human being and every human being is just as loved and valued in the eyes of God. God is not a respecter of persons. Let us come to the Lord and receive our Life, value and worth from Him because in Him is life and the life is the light of men. You cannot be a light if you get your value and worth from some other source, like your works, title, degrees, status, etc.

If you believe that you are more loved or valued by God than others, or less loved and valued by God than others, then your belief system is based on you works, not the finished work of the cross. This is an unbeliever, not a believer. To believe in Jesus means that you put your faith and trust in His work, not yours. God redeemed or purchased us, not because of what we are or what we are not. He purchased us because of who HE IS and He is love. Let us learn to see ourselves and others as God does and treat them and ourselves as someone that the God of the universe died to redeem or purchase. That is how valuable you are and the price for you has already been paid. You were worth the life of my Son, saith the Lord. Now enter into My rest. I love you.

Your Father