The Seven Churches From Revelation

JULY, 2016
The Seven Churches From the Book of Revelation – Issue 1

There are two words in the bible that means “to know”. One means an intellectual knowledge of, and the other means to experience intimately. You can know the word of God and not know or experience the God of the word. Only those experiencing the God of the word are considered His bride to be. Knowing about God and Jesus is something the devil even knows. It doesn’t make one born again or from above. Knowledge is not proof of spiritual birth, fruit is. When the Jews were told to bind the word of God to their forehead and forearm it symbolized truth in your mind would manifest itself in deeds or works. Knowledge was not what causes one to be a believer. Truth received produces obedience. Acting upon the truth that has entered your mind results in obedience to that truth. Jesus was called, the way, the truth, and the life. To reject truth is to reject Jesus. How can you experience the God of the word if you reject Him? Some are willfully deceive and God eventually gives them what they want and that is strong delusion so that they do not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved. 2 Thes. 2:10-12 and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie, 12 in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness. Rejecting truth is rejecting Jesus and it is a pretty serious matter and these things are spoken to believers, not unbelievers. What people don’t realize is they are rejecting Jesus and they wonder why they aren’t experiencing Him or their prayers aren’t answered. They don’t hear His voice or have Him intimately interact with them and this is why. You can just push someway away for so long by rejecting them until you are finally turned over to your own delusion.  In reading through the bible I got to the book of Revelation. Not my favorite book because it is difficult to understand, but I find that the more you know and study, the more Revelations makes sense.

As I started to read, I couldn’t write fast enough regarding what the Lord was showing me. This book of the bible starts with Jesus judging the churches and calling them to repent. For those that think you can’t be judged and only repent once before you get “saved” by saying your little prayer, that is not biblical. The bible states that judgment starts with the house of the Lord and that is why it is the churches being judged in the book of Revelation before the world is judged in the tribulation. Revelation starts with explaining that the seven candlesticks are the churches themselves Rev. 1:20 and the stars are the angels (translated messenger which John the Baptist was called). The messenger could be someone in the five fold ministry. John was called by this word “angel” and he was not an invisible, winged spirit, although invisible, winged spirits that serve God do exist. Revelation is referencing the mouth piece or preacher in a specific church or type of church. Let’s walk through these churches with the revelation or teaching that the Lord showed me and its application to us today.

PERGAMUS: They hold to the doctrine of Balaam who sold the children of Israel out for money. This is the Judas or son of perdition church. Balaam couldn’t curse the Israelites as an enemy king wanted him to and would pay him abundantly if he did. The Israelites were walking uprightly before God and they couldn’t be cursed as long as they did, but Balaam knew if they could be enticed to sin and live a sinful lifestyle, God would curse them and so Balaam entrapped the children of Israel to sin and God judged them. This he did all for money. 2 Peter 2:14-16 refers to those who follow the way of Balaam as they have eyes full of lust and adultery. The Lord called Balaam perverse because he twisted God’s word for his own gain and he picked and chose what commandments of God or what scriptures he would obey or even listen to. 2 Peter calls Balaam followers unstable souls full of greed and they are call accursed in the New Testament. This is the prosperity church that has made merchandise of the bride of Christ. When a body becomes merchandise it becomes a prostitute. They pervert the word of God for their own financial gain.

The church at Pergamus also held to the doctrine and deeds of the Nicolations, which the Lord hates. The Nicolations were controlling. Their doctrine consisted of holding to the freedom of the flesh, and teaching that the deeds of the flesh had no effect upon the health of the soul or spirit and consequently no relation to salvation. This is the Grace is license to sin mentality. They are believers in the doctrine that faith alone, not obedience to the moral law, is necessary for salvation. Noticed I said “moral” law, not the Mosaic, sacrificial or Levitical law. God’s moral law never changes and grace is not the license to sin but the power of God given to you at Pentecost not to and that is how Jesus fulfilled the law. Jesus even said He didn’t do away with it. God HATES this doctrine and the deeds it produces. I see that today!

Jesus calls them to repentance or He will fight them with the two edged sword coming out of His mouth as Rev. 1 states. This truth comes out to expose and reveal the error of this doctrine so expect true prophetic people to reveal, expose and warn. The Lord calls the Pergamus church to repent.

SYMARIA: This church was the suffering and persecuted church that demonstrated good works. They lacked material wealth, although God called them rich. Heaven has a different definition of prosperity and it doesn’t involve money. Jesus starts out comforting them about the reality of life after death and resurrection because they would be martyrs. They were very discerning and knew who were true believers or those masquerading as believers but were really wolves in sheep’s clothing. They were called to be faithful unto death and Jesus would give them a crown of life. Then Jesus tells them that if they overcome they will not be hurt by the second death which is spiritual death. As I read my bible, I don’t see the once saved always saved false doctrine started by half a sentencing. See link

EPHESUS: This was a church full of good works, labor and patience and they couldn’t bear them that were evil. They tried the fruit of people claiming to be apostles and church leaders and found them to be liars. They would not tolerate deception. They loved truth but in championing the cause for truth and discernment, they spent less time with the Lord and left their first love. They did not grow weary in well doing and serving in His name. They were rebuked for leaving their first love, Jesus. The church, works and championing for truth became their God. Jesus called them to remember where they fell away, repent, and go back to when they first got filled with the Holy Spirit and spent time with the Lord. If they didn’t, He would remove their candlestick if they didn’t repent. Remember, the candlestick is the church. Church closing and splits maybe? What you place above the Lord, He removes. What you worship and give your attention to becomes an idol. Can be social media, the church, a person, a pastor, money, cigarettes, alcohol, video games, football….pick something, If Jesus asked you to give it up and you can’t, it is an idol and you fall into this category. You can willingly repent and give it up or it will be taken from you in some form. Then the Lord goes back to praising them for hating the deeds of the Nicolations, which He also hates. Jesus really hates the Nicolations and their doctrine and deeds. Then Jesus tells them that if they overcome, He will give to them to eat from the tree of life which is in midst of paradise.

The Lord gave me a dream once to show me I had ended up in this category. I was in a wedding gown at the back of the church and He stood at the front. The music started and as I walked down the isle I would look at the pews. I would see some dust and go down the pew and clean it up. Back to the isle I go, looking up at Jesus. Then I see a puddle of water in another pew and I went to mop it up. I went back to the isle and looked up for Him at the alter and He was no longer there. I was too busy cleaning the church and taking my eyes off Him. He is our focus and what we are to pursue, not our calling or gifts or anything else.

THYATIRA: Wow, the Lord highly praises this church for its faith, works, charity and service. They had good fruit. Then the Lord rebukes them for tolerating Jezebel. What was Jezebel all about and we are hearing a lot about a Jezebel spirit in the body of Christ today. She is a seducer who seduces people into sin, witchcraft, has false prophets, and the occult operating in this church. This seducing spirit of Jezebel allows a spirit of divination in the church cloked in Christianese as it perverts God’s word to gain entrance into the church. It is also called a python spirit and a python wraps itself around its victim and suffocates and crushes it before devouring it. Can you discern this spirit and there is a lot of controversy because it does not want to be discovered so false teachings abound regarding Jezebel. In witchcraft, a witch speaks words or an incantation and demons go forth to perform what she said. When you go to a psychic, you are paying them to assign demons to you to carry out what the psychic said. This also operates with a familiar spirit who knows all about you because it watches you and travels down the family line. Sins of the fore fathers kind of thing. It will even speak good things and not necessarily curses or evil to get you to come back with your money. If you have to pay for a prophecy or donate, or stand in line for a word, God does not operate that way. In witchcraft and the occult, humans control the spirit realm with their words. In Christianity, we are to be led and controlled by the Holy Spirit. We do not lead and control the spirit realm. We only speak what we hear from the Father as a Rhema and the Holy Spirit and His angels obey His Rhema word. You can’t just pick a scripture and speak it expecting the spirit realm to hop to it and do what you want. That is witch craft. This Jezebel manifests itself with the blab it and grab it, name it and claim it, declare and decree it, your words have creative power to bless or curse terminology to get a Christian to swallow it as it slithers into the church. Porn and sexual sins are part of this spirit’s manifestations. It is a peeping Tom in the bible which is someone who observes someone else from a hidden place. It uses astral project or out of body experiences to observe others. In the church, false prophets have said they have done this. The reality shows with the cameras placed so you can observe people comes from this spirit and it is everywhere. If you struggle with porn, get rid of a spirit of divination or Jezebel spirit and make sure you are not opening the door to it by declaring and decree or speaking something forth expecting the spirit realm to hop to your words, even if they are from the bible. We are to be led and controlled by the Holy Spirit. We do not lead and control the spirit realm. The supernatural will manifest with this spirit in a church and you will see gold dust, feathers and weird stuff or signs and wonders that will deceive even the elect and you will also see leaders falling into sexual sins. This is Jezebel which this church tolerates even though they were full of faith, works, charity and service. Don’t let these things fool you and ignore Jezebel because the good stuff.

Those in this church that do not repent because they think what they are doing is of God and you are of the devil if you expose it, go through the great tribulation, are a foolish virgin, and the bible says their offspring will be killed. Those that have not fallen prey to this deception have a marvelous promise if they hold on until Jesus comes. He gives them power over nations and they will rule with a rod of iron. They are given the morning star which is the brightest star when the night is blackest, just before morning breaks and the Son comes.

SARDIS: This is the church that claims to be Christian, but they are dead inside. They have a form of Godliness but deny His power. There is no baptism in the Holy Spirit. They believe you are baptized when you say your little prayer. When we repent and accept Christ, we become sealed with the Holy Spirit. That word sealed means deposit with the intent to purchase, just as one gives an engagement ring with the promise to marry or one puts a deposit down on a house with the intent to purchase. If the deal falls through, the deposit is returned and this is what happened with the foolish virgins or those that fall away from the faith and become apostate. See link

Being sealed with the Holy Spirit is not the same as being baptized in the Holy Spirit. The gifts of the spirit and the supernatural do not happen without the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  The Lord tells the church at Sardis to repent, go back when they first heard and received and strengthen what remains before the oil runs out. If they don’t, He will come on them as a thief in the night and they will not be prepared. Again, these are the foolish virgins and Jesus said that when He returns for His bride, He comes like a thief in the night. Jesus said that if they repent, they will walk with Him in white and He will not blot their name out of the book of life. He will confess their name before the Father and His angels. Anyone whose name is not found in the book of life is thrown into the lake of fire.  We are betrothed to Jesus. We are not married yet and we need to be prepared to meet Him and have our lamps lit and full of oil. Two more to go.

PHILADELPHIA: Here is a good and highly praised church. This church has the key of David because they are a church after God’s own heart pursuing and seeking to please Him. This key opens things that no man can shut and shuts things that no man can open. That is a pretty powerful set of keys to the Kingdom. They keep God’s word and have not denied Jesus’ name. Other people who claim to be Christians and are not will come and worship at their feet and they will know how they are loved by Jesus. To worship is to pay homage or honor. God keeps them from the hour of temptation or the tribulation which will come upon the whole world. They are the “caught up” or raptured ones. They are the wise virgins that had plenty of oil. Jesus says that He will come quickly so hold on to your crown that no man take it. Him that overcometh Jesus will make a pillar in the temple of God and he shall go no more out and Jesus will write upon him the name of God and the name of the city of God which is the New Jerusalem and Jesus will write upon them a new name. These folks love the Lord and they keep and obey His word out of their love for Him. I see no rebuke in this message to this church.

LAODECIA: This is the modern day church. Jesus says that they are lukewarm and their lukewarmness about His torture and death in order to pay for their sins and grant them access to a wonderful Holy God make Him sick enough to vomit. Jesus calls them blind, poor, naked and wretched and what makes them that way is their wealth and lack of needing anything and their perception that they don’t need God. They do not have spiritual eyes to see their state. They are not wearing their wedding garments of white and they are in fact naked spiritually as well as poor and wretched. They are willfully deceived, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God and just don’t even care. What is the fix for this spiritual condition? Their gold will be tried in fire. They will go through the great tribulation if they don’t repent and they will be put in a position of having to choose the chip or mark of the beast in order to buy or sell or participate in the economy or be martyred. Gold or God. They will know what the mark of the beast is and will have to make a conscious choice between the two. White raiment or wedding clothes are given them who died for their faith. This is the last modern day church of today. Martyrdom is the only way to buy clothing to cover their nakedness. They need eye salve for their spiritual blindness because they just don’t get it. Jesus is nice. He wouldn’t do anything harsh. I just want the nice Jesus who loves me. They don’t understand that Jesus is the Lamb of God who comes back as a lion of the tribe of Juda who judges. The lion and the lamb will lay down together as one. It is not one or the other, but both. Behold the kindness and severity of the Lord. We are to see both sides of Jesus, not just the one we like. Jesus keeps standing at the door knocking hoping someone will hear and answer His knock and invite Him in. Jesus is standing on the outside of this church. He wasn’t allowed in because He might disapproved of something inside or they were too busy with TV or social media or pick the idol of your choice. He wants to eat with them and have fellowship but they ignore Him. If they listen and overcome, they get to sit down in His throne room and by the way, that is where the white garments are handed out to the martyrs. Rev. 7:13-17

Reading through Revelations as The Lord is judging the churches. Couldn’t help but notice The Lord going through all but one saying “I have somewhat against you” and giving a severe consequence if they didn’t repent. This flies in thface of the false no condemnation or judging if we said our little prayer doctrine. If you think repentance is a onetime act when you accept Jesus and God doesn’t see or address your sin after accepting Christ because God sees you as He sees Christ is not biblical. Read your bible so you are not deceived. Jesus can have “somewhat” against you, but if you repent, there are some pretty powerful promises. Repentance is a way of life for a true believer, not a onetime thing. God counts you as righteous as long as you are making the trip. Like Jesus said to Peter when He knelt to wash Peter’s feet, “If you don’t allow me to wash you, you have no part with me”. Grace isn’t the license to sin but the power of God given to you not to. Some have a form of godliness and deny that power and wonder why they walk in defeat. Your freedom in Christ comes from no longer being a slave to sin and that is how Jesus fulfilled the law He said He didn’t do away with. If you aren’t experiencing the promises of God, go back to where you need to repent and confess. To confess means you are agreeing with God about what He said is sin. To blaspheme the Holy Spirit where that sin is never forgiven you either in this life or the next means that you “throw it back into His face” by denying, explaining, giving your intent, rationalizing, minimizing or doing anything that would keep you from agreeing with God about what He said about your sin. That means the blood of Jesus doesn’t cover that and there is some kind of eternal consequence and this is why confessing is necessary to repentance and forgiveness. There is no forgiveness when you throw something back into the face of the Holy Spirit with denial or blaming someone else for what you did like Adam did. That led to their spiritual death. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling the bible says and the righteous are scarcely saved. Jesus didn’t die a horrific death so people could sit watching porn and smut on TV so they could do so not feeling guilty. Grace is the power of God given to you not to sin, so you are without excuse. The conviction of the Holy Spirit is God telling you something and the purpose of the Holy Spirit is to convict rebuke, reproved and instruct into righteousness. The gospel is never used to silence conviction so a person can continue to sin. To not agree and confess, and to deny in many forms means to blaspheme the Holy Spirit whom you have now grieved, and that sin will never be forgiven you. This is why confession is so important, even when going to one you have harmed. Confession comes before forgiveness. Ponder these powerful truths and let them sink into you and produce works showing you’ve repented for the kingdom of God is near when you do.