Vision For the Five Fold Ministry


 I have a ministry at What Steve Hill said on the Sid Roth show is exactly what I have been saying to the church. I am one of the artillery men shooting down the snow of false teaching in the church and warning those not to ski on an unsafe mountain. I was recently discouraged until I saw a show last night with Steve Hill’s vision and that fire was so stirred up in me as was my calling. The Lord has given me two visions which I would like to share with you.

One was several school buses heading up a mountain at night. The school bus represented those of us who were both learning and teaching others. As we all got to the peak of the mountain, we got off and split up in different directions as the spirit led. When I came to my spot on the mountain in the blackness of the night, I saw a beautiful full moon shining on a valley of grave stones. The grave stones were beautiful as they glistened in the moonlight like jewels. The Lord spoke to me and said, “Speak to the dead that they may have life”. The dead were those in the church that had a form of godliness but denied the power thereof with their grace is a license to sin doctrine. The Lord had others on that mountain saying the same thing.

I had another vision where the Lord took me to hell. I saw those who had died in their sins because of the deception taught in the church. The was a stench there that can’t be described. Ones who had been there for some time had their flesh melting away and falling off. There was a line of those most recently deceased. They were lined up to stand before satan. One by one they were brought before him and he would gloat in pride as to how he had deceived them and that is why they were there. One was called before him and satan laughed and told the man “turn from me” as he was requesting the man to turn around so satan could view him from all angles and gloat over his prize. The Lord was beside me and He told me that the key to true salvation came out of satan’s own mouth at that moment. Those words were “Turn from me”. As the Lord and I ascended, there was a skeletal like human figure who held up a sign to us, secretively so as not to be seen by satan’s army, that read, “Go and tell them of this place and the lies that brought us here”. I burn with a passion with this message. The Lord is restoring to the church of today, what has been lost. There are some who will not listen and are willfully ignorant or stupid on purpose, as was the case where people still went to ski on the mountain that the rangers warned them was unsafe. They will perish, but their blood will not be on the hands of those who warned them. Let’s keep getting the message out. Even those entrapped by satan’s lies that are in hell, want us to tell others so they don’t end up there. God bless!